Weddings at Wentworth Woodhouse are nothing but spectacular. You and your guests are first greeted on the day with the view of our striking East Front façade, a view that all will remember for decades to come. Wentworth has been host to many members of royalty throughout its history, but on your wedding day you take the place of the most important people to grace the house.

At this point in time all of our state rooms are licenced to conduct civil ceremonies. Even some of our more bespoke areas are licenced including the former chapel and the Ionic Temple in the garden. Here at Wentworth, we embrace all trends and wedding styles, which may change through the years but the timelessness of Wentworth Woodhouse’s grandeur never will.

For wedding enquiries please contact Tracie on:

Telephone: 01226 351161


All photos taken and kindly supplied by Richard Perry Photography.