As the Trust works towards its regeneration goals, may things will be needed.

The Wentworth Woodhouse Wishlist details 50 items you could help with.
Businesses and individuals can choose to be Wishlist donors and gift an item, or money towards its purchase.

Items on the list range from the inexpensive – spades for gardening volunteers and extra mops and buckets for the housekeeping teams – to costly sums for the restoration of some of the mansion’s stunning historic features.

The huge clock on top of the stables hasn’t worked for decades and will cost £70,000 to get working again.

The huge, glittering crystal chandelier which has hung in the Van Dyck state room for over 150 years is need of repairs to the tune of £6,000.

Some of the most expensive things on the list are the least glamorous, though.

The water main pipe, which runs all the way from Cortworth Lane to the mansion house, needs replacing at an estimated cost of £100,000. And the 100-year-old central heating system, which hasn’t been serviced in decades, is in dire need of an £80,000 refurbishment.On an equally practical note, the house staff and volunteers need a van and a minibus and £20,000 of security lighting is needed for the public car park.

Supporters can even help by chipping in to pay the gas bill – which is a whopping £28,000 a year!

To request a copy of the Wentworth Woodhouse Wishlist, click HERE,telephone 01226 351161 or email info@wentworthwoodhouse.org.uk