The Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust is committed to ensuring the house and grounds are as accessible as possible to the public, so that we all can enjoy its stunning architecture, revel in its fascinating history and marvel at the conservation work which is underway to protect the site for future generations. But just opening the house means heating and cleaning it, and this uses up our very limited resources. Wentworth Woodhouse belongs to you too – and its success will require us all, in our own way, to contribute to what has been described as ‘the greatest heritage project for a generation’.

We have recently launched our Wentworth Woodhouse Wish List where you will find 50 items we desperately need, but cannot purchase without your support. Items range in price, so there is something to suit all. By making a donation you will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly how we have used your money and the difference you have made to our work. At the back of the booklet you will see an order form. Alternatively you can email us with the details of your donation.

Click to download the Wish List now