Corporate volunteering

We offer corporate volunteering days to individuals and teams who are supported by their employers to take time away from work to undertake voluntary work.

This work is often linked to an organisation’s corporate and social responsibility values, such as helping the local community, environmental works, charity works and conservation.

Or it may be aimed at gaining a team work experience, such as team-building, competitive challenges, out of office experiences and boosting moral.

We have a number of opportunities available both in the house and garden, which can be discussed and best suited to your interests and abilities.

On the day

  • We will give your team a full brief and they will be supervised throughout their tasks
  • You will have been provided with our risk assessment and you are encouraged to create your own too, as you are best placed to assess the capabilities of your group
  • All participants will be required to complete a registration form and a photo consent form
  • Hot drinks will be provided
  • A packed lunch or buffet can be arranged
  • Exact details of particular tasks will be given out on the day
  • Due to the nature of the site, access to parts of the house / wider site may be restricted – a full brief and agenda will be given on the day


Please either telephone or email Alison our Volunteer Coordinator in the first instance:

Telephone: 01226 351161


“It was a bonus that Scott worked with us throughout the day, providing interesting information and anecdotes on the history of Wentworth.  He also went to the effort of conducting a brief guided tour of the grounds, breaking up the work periods and allowing us to ask further questions.”

Environment Agency

“My initial response to request a volunteering opportunity was answered very quickly and a form was provided to detail what we could offer. I liked the use of a form as it ensures everything is clear and avoids the needs for various emails going backwards and forwards.”

Environment Agency

“Thanks so much for all the arrangements made for us yesterday. The team really enjoyed it. We appreciated the house and garden tour and for your CEO to spend time with us also. Can you please also thank Oliver and Andy for their time?  I have received very positive feedback from the team so far.”