Here at Wentworth Woodhouse, we are working hard to make our visitor experience accessible for all as we develop and regenerate the site.

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The regeneration of Grade I listed architectural jewel Wentworth Woodhouse is the most exciting and challenging heritage project of a generation. The Preservation Trust which now owns it is ensuring the house will not only survive, but flourish for centuries more.

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There is no collection as such at Wentworth Woodhouse but there is always something to see and do on-site. Exhibitions and tours in the House, festivals in the Gardens and a rich programme of events. The House may be empty as far as a collection is concerned but it is full of fun and interesting activities for all the family.

We do extensive testing of the materials on-site including the stone work and though the new repairs look like a different type of stone they are not. The original stone work is very weathered. The new stonework will soon dull down to match the old.

Whilst this is a significant amount of money it is important to understand the economic benefits that will be gained from the investment made. Lots of new paid jobs will be created – over 100 have already been generated and many more will become available over the next few years. Local businesses will become busier as a result of more visitors to the area and income from outside the region will increase. You have only got to look at the economic impact great houses like Chatsworth have made on the Derbyshire economy, and Blenheim on the Oxfordshire economy to see just how the investment at Wentworth will help the South Yorkshire economy to flourish.

The development also brings with it a multitude of social benefits which can be seen through our community engagement, horticultural and education programmes.

It is difficult to say when the work will be completed as it is all dependent on how quickly the money can be raised to pay for it, but we would expect that it could take up to 20 years to see the major projects fully delivered. On-going maintenance will always be required so as to ensure the buildings do not fall into disrepair again in the future.