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Over the Easter weekend, Mr Winston Plowes and his random poetry generating bicycle travelled along the paths of our Gardens on a mission to collect words for his poems. He has knitted together everybody’s words to make two strange and wonderful pieces. No extra words were added of his own except a few connectives. Everyone’s precious offerings are all in there somewhere but may have been pluralised, changed in tense or repeated.

We would like to thank Mr Plowes and everyone who contributed their wonderful words and stories.

Imaginary Friends
(From Friday and Saturday’s Words)

Imagine dragons
on memorable and stylish nights
in the Forest of Bewilderment.

Sleeping ghosts
wearing costumes of knights or jesters
and unexpected statues of men
running down the lane…


Imagine such wonderful souls
both trustworthy and grateful,
amazing and kind,
long haired cheeky monkeys
healing people with night kisses
sharing comfortable rooms, food, water
and shelter with friends.

Imagine reading biblical poetry
in a festival tent of the future,
a bird dancing in the joyful summer sun
as a large white butterfly
drinks from nature.
The hot sun shining on the grass
and the worms in the old fields,
fluffy doggies digging holes in the sand.

Imagine tuxedos and long decorated
pink and purple ballgowns
flower wreathes of hope,
peace lilies, jewels and animals’ heads
golden plates and unique punchbowls
of honeycomb ice cream
and overwhelming love.

Imagine apple, palm and plumb trees
creating blossom snow
that chases three numb rabbits in a row
on crazy Antarctic holidays
sliding down water slides
with a massive bear.

I’m glad it’s not raining
because surprise Easter Bunny’s
bringing chocolates
on the bus with Santa.

Imagine that my eye plugs*
are sparkling blue and red.

*eye plugs – The regions located directly behind each eyeball.

Contributors – Esme, Archie & Francesca | Ronnie (Woodhouse) | Isobel & James | Caleb, Sam & Adam (Chapeltown) | Leon (Woolley Grange) | John (Huddersfield) | Thomas (Sheffield) | Charlie (Hoyland Common) | Joshua & Jacob (Edlington) | Thomas (Sheffield) | Amos & Hedley (Barnsley) | Rudy (Sheffield) | Ava & Sonny (Greasbrough) | Finn (Thorpe Hesley) | Maya (Sheffield) | Theo & Jess | Jack & Bodhi (Sheffield) | Ella & Addison | Violet & Mr Bear (Bramley) | Jemima & Lara | Tommy (Barnsley) | The Killamarsh Gregories |Rubens & Masie (Sheffield & Cornwall) | Benji (Sheffield) | Jayden | Santiago, Alejandro & Diego (Rotherham) | Natalia (Rotherham) | Jess, Jake & Cole | Jude (Charlestown) | Hester & Mabel | Nel & Lena (Sheffield) | Sebastian & Nieve | Arghya (Dodworth) | Shelby (Kimberworth) | Annie, Ella & Hetti

Bloom Where You Are Planted
(From Sunday and Monday’s Words)

Here you can search for beehives,
statues and sticks to make goalposts
lick pink lollipops that make you float
chase flying ghosts and giant marshmallows.

Here you can have a TikTok dance off
be a posh king on a big brown horse
a red apple in a green garden
a lightly sleeping kind and joyful soul
initials carved in a tree
Harry Potter or Hermione.

Welcome to chocolate and pepperoni pizza
salted caramel, peanut, strawberry and vanilla ice cream
to pink, to black and purple painted rainbows,
to a place for mud pies and seesaws
present pleasant pheasants and follies.

This place is medicine to make me feel better
in hopeful glorious sun
a celebration of bright days
holidays, rainy days and happy days
here comes the sun…

Welcome crazy nights and crazy days
digging dogs, ants, animal heads
and grizzly bears that come to life at night.

Here, everything starts at the punchbowl
where life’s a prayer hidden in the petals of flowers.

Here you can be anywhere:
a shell on the beach or swimming in the sea
welcome to Legoland or Charlie-land
the land that bears your name
A dome roof with seven columns
mud kitchens or Cleethorpes.

Welcome to Wentworth
just bloom where you are planted.

Contributors – Sandra (Rawmarsh) | Leo (Rawmarsh) | Arthur (Sheffield) | Freddie | Finn (Saffron Walden) | Zach & Sheila (Rotherham) | Andrea (Thorpe Hesley) | Elisabeth (Sheffield) | Hudson (Holmfirth) | Eliza & Seb (Sheffield) | Emily, Doreen & Helen (Huddersfield) | Ella (Wombwell) | Sienna & Olivia (Greasbrough) | Georgia & Amelie | Mason & Lawson (Sheffield) | Alice (Wortley) | Pauline (Sheffield) | Olly, Phoebe, Matt & Naomi (Barnsley) | Henry (Sheffield) | Layla (Garforth) & Matylda (Barnsley) | Jasper, Toby, Evelyn, Henry, Amelia & William (Sheffield) | Isaac (Wath) | Dylan, Katie & Theo (Sheffield) | Lucy & Eleanor (Barnsley) | Arlo, Esme & Noah (Rotherham) | Charlie, Emma, Lily & Ethan (Sheffield) | Isla (Doncaster) | Sapphire (Barnsley) | Travis  & Emma (Barnsley) | Martha & Flo (Cawthorne) | Lili & Beck (Chapeltown) | Clara & Billy (Dronfield).