It’s lights, camera, action for our video team!

Is there no end to the talents of our volunteers? A team of 22 are now in training as film-makers! Normally their invaluable help is given in our gardens, on house tours or supporting our Front of House, maintenance and events staff. Now they have signed up to become an important part of the Wentworth Woodhouse Digital Programme, which will be launched in 2021.

This will see the Trust introduce video projection, audio and online experiences to expand what we offer our visitors.
Online lectures, virtual tours will be launched and our communications and marketing teams can add videos to their posts and promotions. The Trust aims to launch its own YouTube channel next spring as part of its COVID-19 recovery plans. The videos created by the volunteers will also be featured on the new TVs we’ve installed in the Tea Room and Pillared Hall, and on our website and social media campaigns. Volunteers are enthusiastically learning how to make a vast and varied range of short video films to promote everything that happens at Wentworth Woodhouse… From our events and community programmes to the vital repairs taking place at the mansion.
The team began working together on October 12th but has been unable to get together since because of the second national lockdown.

However, everyone has been able to ‘meet’ and train online. Over Zoom, YouTube and Vimeo they are learning how to do many tasks – from being the front-of-camera interviewer to the videographer, editor and producer.
Exercises in filming, voiceover and scripting are being done at home as ‘homework’. And over 50 films are now being made.