Could you contribute to the Wentworth Woodhouse wishlist?

Wentworth Woodhouse Wishlist

We have recently launched a fresh appeal for help to support the Wentworth Woodhouse Wishlist

The Wishlist details 50 different things we at the Trust urgently need so we can work towards our restoration goals. Supporters can even help by chipping in to pay the gas and electricity bills!

The Wishlist includes much-needed items which cost from just a few pounds up to those at tens of thousands.

Wishlist donors can choose to buy extra mops and buckets for the housekeeping teams, or fund the restoration of some of Wentworth Woodhouse’s most stunning historic features.

The most glittering item on the list is our huge, glittering crystal chandelier which has hung in the Van Dyck state room for over 150 years and is need of specialist repairs to the tune of £6,000. The urns and statues which were hauled to the mansion’s rooftops in the 1700s need to be restored – at an average cost of £8,750 a-piece. The huge clock on top of the stables hasn’t worked for decades and will cost £70,000 to get working again, and become a symbol of the reawakening of stately home that time forgot.

Some of the most expensive things on the list are the least glamorous… The water main pipe, which runs all the way from Cortworth Lane to the mansion house, needs replacing at an estimated cost of £100,000.

And the 100-year-old central heating system, which hasn’t been serviced in decades, is in dire need of  £80,000 of refurbishment.

On an equally practical note, the house staff and volunteers need a van and a minibus,  £20,000 of security lighting is needed for the public car park, and 100 Georgian windows need repairing at a cost of around £1,500 each.

“The challenges we face in protecting, operating and regenerating Wentworth Woodhouse are huge,” said Sarah McLeod, our CEO.

“Our Wishlist contains 50 items we desperately need, but cannot purchase without the support of local businesses and the public. Items range in price, so there is something to suit all.

“We would even love to have help with our bills. Think about how much it runs to run your own house, add several zeros and you are close to our annual outgoings for utilities. We would love to hear from anyone out there who can help make one of our wishes become reality.”

If you would like to help or find out more about making a Wishlist donation, contact

or call 01226 351161.