ArtWorks summer activities

We are running a series of workshops on weekends during June with local creative arts organisation ArtWorks. The activities will be led by artists and are free to attend, but please book in advance.

Mark Making

Engage in a multi-layered mark-making conversation led by artist Johnsey. The process begins with drawing in response to the changing sounds, rhythms and beats of music without looking. The remainder of the dialogue involves closely observing the detail in the surface and giving instructions to fellow collaborators.

5th June, 26th June


Cyanotype is a printing process which uses a chemical mixture of iron compounds. When the chemicals are exposed to sunlight and washed in water they turn blue. Designs can be created by placing objects on top of a surface painted with the chemical mixture, stopping the reaction from occurring in those areas of the page. In this workshop we will be using pre-prepared sunprint paper, and you will be supported by artist Dominika in creating beautiful unique designs!

6th June, 20th June

Upcycle Sculpture

Artist Katie will show you how much you can do with very few materials. Using only cardboard, paint, oil pastels, and colourful masking tape we will collaboratively build a huge contemporary sculpture in front of the historic stately home. The cardboard monument will contrast and complement the architecture of the building, creating a provocative aesthetic experience!

12th June, 27th June

Screen printing

Try your hand at screen printing – learn how to print onto a canvas bag that you can take home with you! See some examples on Facebook of the brilliant finished articles.

Bookings are not required for this activity, as everyone works at their own pace. Report to reception for further information.

13th June, 19th June