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ArtWorks Workshop - Mark Making

Date: 5th - 26th of June 2021
Time: -

Drawing Together

Session dates - 5 June & 26 June 2021

Timed slots available to book throughout the day.

Let your hands dance your way through drawing!

Engage in a multi-layered mark-making conversation led by artist Johnsey. The process begins with drawing in response to the changing sounds, rhythms and beats of music without looking. The remainder of the dialogue involves closely observing the detail in the surface and giving instructions to fellow collaborators. To find out more you will have to join Johnsey on the day, and if you’ve ever thought that you can’t draw, Johnsey will surely prove you wrong!


House & Garden Admission or Garden Admission tickets are required for the same day, and are sold separately.

Participants, under the age of 16 years, are not to be left unsupervised whilst the worskhop is taking place.

Workshop tickets are free but a slot must be booked in advance (excluding Screen Printing workshop).

To purchase House & Garden Admission or Garden Admission and ArtWorks Workshop tickets, please add Admission ticket(s) to your basket first, followed by ArtWorks Workshop ticket(s) to your order and then proceed to checkout.   ArtWorks Workshop tickets can be booked in conjunction with House & Garden Admission or Garden Admission tickets purchased with National Trust membership.

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