Partnerships & Funding

The partnership between the Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust and the National Trust (NT) continued to flourish over the year with over 50% of our visitors being NT members.

Almost three quarters of the grant aid provided by NT over the year was used to create new posts and pay salaries. Today there are 9 employees at the site who are fully supported by the support we receive from the NT. The input from NT has not just been limited to financial support. On-going expert advice from NT on digital marketing; visitor experience approaches (most particularly in the context of the new roof top tours); interpretation and signage; and procurement has proved extremely valuable to WWPT and has helped to really facilitate knowledge exchange. This was highlighted during the partnership day held at Wentworth for National Trust General Managers and regional staff.

WWPT is a key partner in the WE Great Place programme funded by the Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Working alongside Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Wentworth Woodhouse and Elsecar have been developing a more cohesive approach to the visitor offer in the two boroughs by way of events, education and arts projects.

  • European Regional Development Fund