• June 25, 2020

    Each slate ‘floats’ inside an elegant box frame, is individually numbered and bears the Wentworth Woodhouse insignia and certification – making these must-have limited editions truly collector’s pieces.
    We are asking for donations to the Trust for each slate presentation box, at a suggested amount of £200.
    These beautiful items will help the Preservation Trust to build up the funds it currently needs to support the house and grounds at this difficult time. During the pandemic, all fundraising was forced to halt.

  • June 19, 2020

    Lockdown Art Contest brings stunning entries from as far away as Australia – and designs for our fundraising!

    We decided to launch an art contest during Lockdown – and what an incredible response we got. Entries came from as far away as Australia! Paintings, sketches, models and even a pavement chalk picture depicting the life and times of the Big House were created by supporters aged from two to 75. What a talented bunch our supporters are! Many got arty to pass time during the pandemic. Others seized the chance to showcase earlier Wentworth Woodhouse-inspired creations. The top entry – which will soon be emblazoned proudly across the front of the Preservation Trust’s first-ever fundraising T-shirt – had been gathering dust in an attic for 13 years!

  • March 31, 2020

    We have an update from our Facilities Manager, Julie Readman. Julie takes care of the house and all of its fixtures and fittings. Here she explains what her and her team have been doing behind the scenes to prepare for our reopening/